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About SCPC

Form of organisation

Romanian legal person under private law, non-political, without patrimonial purpose, set up under Government Ordinance no. 26/2000 regarding associations and companies, rectified and completed by Government Ordinance no. 37/2003.


The purpose of CPCS is to promote, develop and implement several projects/models and standards of community and individual security in order to create and develop a Security Culture, through research, studies, information and education, in partnership with: State and private education institutions, medical, military, police, legal, religious institutions, but also with local and central gouvernmental and non-gouvernmental organisations. Its final purpose is to develop a community responsible of its citizens’ safety, as well as to promote knowledge, respect and mutual confidence between the community members and State institutions.

Security Culture

It can be defined as the ability of individuals, civil society and State institutions to assimilate and become aware of values, knowledge and abilities that are necessary to manage successfully the vulnerabilities, risks and menaces our modern society is now being confronted with.

Security represents a state where dangers and conditions that could produce physical, psychical or material damages are kept under control so that it should allow the protection of individual and community health and well-being.


  • Development of cooperation with public local, central and international institutions and authorities, in terms of security related issues;
  • Promotion of the speciality, legitimacy, legality and public importance of activities linked to security inside the civil society;
  • Identification of interests, common spaces for analysis and development of several projects regarding counselling, communication or debate with public institutional environment interested in the security field;
  • Transfer of the institutional message and promotion of activities dedicated to security culture in the legislative, executive and State or particular institution area, as well as at civil society level;
  • Organisation of institutional events in order to value information and expertise of CPCS and patner institutions;
  • Support and mediation of civil society’s interests in connection to the institutional environment, on the occasion of participating at projects, seminars, round table meetings and conferences;
  • Promotion of dialogue with representatives of State institutions interested in security, public order and peace issues, as well as in security in general, reference to these issues and development of several parnership forms inside the process of informing the population for acknowledging the new security environment.

We consider necessary that all civic and institutional actors having responsibilities in the security field should actively participte at founding a real security culture, in the spirit of Euro – Atlantic values.

SCPC – Through the projects it develops and implements, SCPC acts both preventively and offensively, taking such initiatives that discourage actions performed against personal, group or national safety, aiming at actually increasing the value of safety indicators in the reference environment and to build, proactively, premises for preservation and future affirmation of a modern and democratic community’s interests.

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