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First Aid - First Chance

National Road Context

According to the European Statistics Institute (EuroStat), in 2006, in Romania died 2478 persons, while 5291 people were severely injured in road accidents.

In 2004, our country occupied the 3rd place in Eurostat statistics regarding the number of deaths at one million cars, with 749 deaths and at that time two regions in Romania were considered among the most dangerous 20 countries candidating at accession, i.e: North-East – 1160 and South – Muntenia – 1031.

In 2008, according to the Romanian Police, there had been 10472 severe accidents, with 2999 deaths, 9260 badly injureds and 3125 light-injureds. Moreover, there had been 17156 light accidents, with 21336 people being injured. All these figures are in growth compared to 2007 with 7 - 35%.

One in three persons injured in Romania in serious road accidents dies, in comparison with the European average of one death at 40 severely injured people.


SCPC Programme "First Aid – First Chance" aims at promoting first aid measures in road accidents and their right application ways.

Moreover, another purpose of this programme is to make population aware of the utility to offer first aid, starting from the idea that ‘Responsibility and minimum first aid knowledge can save a life’.

Actions will involve elaboration and distribution of leaflets and brochures, as well as development of instruction videos and organisation of practical training courses.

The programme will develop in collaboration with the Emergency Situations Inspectorates (SMURD/SIAMUD units), County Ambulance Services and Emergency Receiving Units from partner hospitals.

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